What are four major factors that affect the health of a community

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• Responses to DB questions must be at least 200 words per question. Responses to your classmates must be at least 100 words per response.
• DB assignments are posted on Sunday and All students are expected to post a response to at least 1 question within by Tuesday 11:59 pm after the discussion thread has been posted.
• If you are stating information in your discussion board response you must cite and reference in APA format.
1. What are four major factors that affect the health of a community? Provide an example of each. Give examples to support your responses. You must include 1 outside scholarly reference to support your responses.
The four major factors that affect the health of a community are physical, social/cultural, community organization, and individual behaviors (McKenzie et al., 2018). Examples of physical factors impacting health can be pollution in the environment from industrialization, available crops/food sources native to that geographic location, utilization of community spaces for parks and nature preserves versus urbanization, and community (population) size in relation to available resources. Examples of social/cultural factors impacting health include but are not limited to: “social norms and attitudes, such as discrimination; exposure to crime, violence, and social disorder; social support and social interactions; exposure to mass media and emerging technologies; and socioeconomic conditions, such as concentrated poverty” (ODPHP, 2020). Social/cultural factors impact the lense through which an individual sees the world around them and greatly impacts their receptiveness to specific health interventions, like smoking/drinking cessation, diet, exercise, or even surgical procedures.
Community organization affects community health in the organization’s ability to identify health problems within the community and utilize its available resources to systemically educate the populace and increase prevention, while offering assistance in treatment for those already impacted. An example of a community organization on track to successfully assist its community would require it to properly service map pre-existing services so that they can share information and pathways for referral in their community, all while identifying “where the gaps are and to plan strategically for developing further services” (World Health Organization, 2019). Individual behaviors greatly affect community health since each individual contributes to its success or failure through their interactions with others. For example, a person encouraging their neighbors to recycle and advocating for neighborhood security can influence their peers to also partake in such behaviors that increase the safety and cleanliness of their environment.
2-What are the differences among community health, population health, and global health. Give examples to support your responses. You must include 1 outside scholarly reference to support your response.
Within the health spectrum, there are many sub parties that are influenced by such subject matter. Health overall, includes and affects every single individual around the globe. With such reason, one must understand the differences between community health, population health, and global health to fully understand how these sub parties build the foundation of our healthcare system, work, and affect us as an individual.
Community health is best Identified as “the status of a defined group” within “cities” and “geographical” places around the world, and the way these group of individuals “promote” as well as, “protect” their sense and right to health (Seabert & McKenzie, 2022). As example, think of one’s own communities or neighborhoods and the way they help promote better health for all, including oneself. Implemented programs like the Public Health Solutions porgram in New York City is a great example of how communities are coming together to promote better health for “low-income families” (Public Health Relations, 2022). In the other hand, population health, focuses more on the “outcomes of a group of individuals” and their corresponding health status (Seabert & McKenzie, 2022). Using the previous example— of using neighborhoods and their health-related programs— one can implement the idea of population health as well, in thinking upon the outcome of the program “Public Health Relations” that focuses in providing health to a specific group— those of lower income.
Lastly, Global health is best defined as health related “issues, and concerns” that go beyond just “national boundaries” and convert into a worldwide problem. The Corona virus is a great example to distinguish global health from any other. This virus initiated in China, although quickly spread worldwide magnifying the health of other individuals creating such crisis to become a global health issue.

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