The management of Target is concerned about collaboration and exports/imports that could impact the organization

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The management of Target is concerned about collaboration and exports/imports that could impact the organization, particularly as the company transitions from being a national to a global organization. They would like you to develop a presentation for them that describes, discusses, and analyzes the need for collaboration and import/export issues for their company.
For this assignment, your requirement is to create a presentation that covers the below:
1. Create a logical recommendation that addresses and uses a specific type of collaborative arrangement, this should be presented as an organizational strategy
2. Include any policies that management should implement when considering a collaborative arrangement. What should management look for and should they stay away from when considering your recommended collaborative arrangement or with collaborative arrangements in general?
3. Present ideas on what goods/services should be imported and what goods/services should be sourced locally.
4. Present recommended techniques that the company can use to protect themselves from problems with collaborative arrangements.
You are to have at least a chart or graph, table or chart.
Length: 5 slides; plus, a separate title and reference slides using APA format. Therefore, your PPP must have at least 7 slides in total.
The first slide in the presentation should be the title page.
The last slide(s) in the presentation should be the list of references you used for the assignment in APA format.
Do not count title or reference slides towards the 5 slide requirement.
Speaker Notes: 100-150 words for each slide in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. These speaker notes should thoroughly describe and analyze the details of the slide.
In the speaker’s notes section, be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style. Make sure your presentation follows good PowerPoint design principles (e.g., readable font, uses one template, one-inch borders around the slides) and contains transitions, builds, and animation when appropriate.
In addition to the textbook material for this course (properly cited within the presentation), you must also use at least three (3) additional academic sources/references (these can be journals, articles, papers, books). Use the SPC online library to search for and obtain journal articles for this assignment. Websites and other non-academic references may be used if properly cited in APA format, but these supplemental references are not counted toward the requirement of at least three academic references.
Save the file as a PowerPoint file and upload the completed assignment in the Drop box.
The country that i am using is UNITED KINGDOM
if you could do the slides like last time that would be great thank you
Also please at least make the reference pages in APA

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