Cultural Health Barriers-Risks Paper Assignment,

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In this assignment, you will address a public health issue in the priority population identified in
your previous Cultural Health Barriers-Risks Paper Assignment, offering culturally appropriate
content and methods as a solution to mitigate identified health barriers and risks. The solution
must be practical and acceptable to the population. Use what you’ve learned in this course to
inform this. The student will research the condition and the contributing cultural determinants
and then develop a program proposal to address it. The proposal must include goals, SMART
objectives, and a preliminary budget to implement the program. The budget should be presented
in a tabular format identifying expected start-up expenses and identifying potential funding
sources. The good news is that the Liberty Health Mission Board recognizes your dedication to
excellence and has offered $10,000 to each project to help the initiatives! It isn’t much, but it is a
start. (Remember the parable of the talents.) Invest wisely and leverage your investment to
advance your agenda. A good program evaluation strategy is always a part of funding requests. It
will provide the core to the project report generated to maintain accountability to the donor
organizations—so, include one. This assignment will be an actual test of the student’s ability to
demonstrate competence on all course outcomes. The grade will be determined by a combination
of the written and oral components.
 The final solution will be presented as a 12–15-slide PowerPoint presentation with
presentation notes. Each notes section at the bottom of each slide must be 250–350 words
in length. Assume that you will be presenting the PowerPoint to your potential partners.
Create an original video presentation of this project. Record a video of you presenting the
PowerPoint. The video must be 10-15 minutes.

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