Autobiography to get into a Veterinary Technician program

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I need to submit a 3 page autobiography to get into a Veterinary Technician program. You can make up stories and details involving my love and passion for animals as you go along.
You can start by introducing me, Samantha P. I live in Staten Island, NY. I have lived in NY my whole life, my age, I have a degree in Business from Pace. I have been working in my families real estate business for about 8 years. Business school was something my parents pushed me to do but I always felt the need to take care of animals and have all my life etc.
I would like to talk about how my love for animals started at a very young age. I have had animals in my home all my life. You can mention how my mother was very sick in the hospital for months when I was younger and I went to Poland with my aunt and from that young age, I was always on my grandmothers farm taking care of her farm animals. My family always says the love I have for helping and caring for animals has probably come from my grandmother.
I rescue stray cats now and have found them homes. I have 4 cats myself that are all rescues. I have had everything from baby ducks to chinchillas as pets and was always very compassionate towards all animals. When I was a young teen I used to take fishing trips to Vermont with my family and there was a dog there named Coot who belonged to the owners of the cabin and he had a cut on his paw and being only 13 years old, I was putting ointment on his injury and bandages. I would even see injured frogs in a pond and try to fix their legs so they could hop again. You can make up more stories.
My family and friends to this day always go to me for any advice they have on their dogs or cats. As soon as I told them that I am going back to school to become a Vet Tech, they all agreed that it was my destiny to become one and they couldn’t see me doing anything else.
You can add more made up parts to the stories as well as new stories of my love for animals. Also, how I had a change of heart being 28 years old and decided to change career paths and pursue my love for animals.

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