Describe the damage or impact of a documented DoS attack

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You have recently been hired by the DigiFirm Investigation Company. The company has clients nationwide. DigiFirm specializes in conducting computer forensics investigations as well as offering preventive services for clients to avoid digital crimes.
You are now a member of a team of computer forensics experts who investigate and solve digital crimes and develop digital solutions for clients. A long-running client has just experienced a denial of service (DoS) attack to its company website. This is serious because they can’t accept orders from their customers. DigiFirm needs you to find out more about what may have happened.

Criminals use various tools to create a denial of service attack, including:
Tribal Flood Network
For this assignment:
Research these three tools.
Provide a descriiption of each of the three tools.
Describe the damage or impact of a documented DoS attack.
Summarize the efforts used and solutions found to combat DoS attacks.

Your answer must be at least 1 page long. Upload your completed paper into the assignment drop box by clicking the “Submit” button below. Your answer will be graded on the strength of your argument/explanations, as well as the professionalism of your writing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, cohesive sentences and paragraphs, etc.).

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