Describe the demography of Syria

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In crafting your paper, respond to the following:
Describe the demography of Syria (e.g., population density, ethnoreligious composition of society, young versus old, men versus women)
Discuss the labor force of the nation-state (e.g., unskilled and uneducated versus middle-class professionals, higher-level degrees granted, innovative capacity as measured by patent volume or other innovation measures)
What are the resource endowments of Syria? How would you access resources which that nation-state does not naturally possess?
Describe Syria’s wealth profile. What does “rich” mean there? What does “poor” mean there? What kind of economic disparity exists in your selected country?
Is the national economy of Syria growing? How does it compare to other economies in its region, other peer economies, and worldwide?
Based on the factors you have described, analyze the national security position of Syria in its area of the world (i.e., where it has leverage or influence, constraints it faces, etc.). Be sure to discuss any relevant national security consequences of its demography, national resource endowments/deficits, and economic factors.

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