Essay #3- “The Glass Castle”

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Essay #3- “The Glass Castle”
In this essay, you will give a personal reflection based on the question below. Your paper should be long enough to address the issue in a manner that is appropriate for this class. It will have an introduction paragraph with a thesis, a body consisting of paragraphs containing personal evidence to back up the points, and a conclusion. I would like one referenced quote of some sort. The paper should be in MLA format with a Works Cited page at the end. You will be graded not only on the content, but on the evidence cited, and the MLA formatting as well.
Please write an essay answering the following prompt:
In one interview, Jeannette Walls talks about “luck.” She says, “Luck is the hand you’re dealt, and we’re all dealt different hands, and life is the way you play it because you can get a crappy hand and play the heck out of it or you can get a wonderful hand and just misplay it terribly. So many people have wonderful hands that they just don’t do anything with.”
How do you think you are playing your hand?

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