Essay– “The Glass Castle”

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Essay #2 – “The Glass Castle”
In essay #2, you will be answering this question:
Jeannette Walls has said in interviews that because she had so little as a child, she really appreciated things when she finally got them. She also said, “When I got to college, because I was paying for all of it myself, I knew why I was there. I knew how much each course was costing me. There was no way I was going to miss a class; I was going to get my money’s worth.” Do you think that parents should give their kids less so they appreciate things more?
Your essay will include an introduction with a thesis, a body (the number of paragraphs depends on your thesis, but each Body paragraph MUST have evidence cited from the book or another source) and a conclusion. Make sure to include a works cited page.
This will be on MLA formatting (running header, first-page information, title, DOUBLE SPACED and Times New Roman 12pt, etc).

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