High-Tech Tools Inc.’s export sales of radar speed guns

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High-Tech Tools, Inc. is a company based in Otay Mesa, California. Among
other high-tech equipment, the company specializes in manufacturing of the
hand-held radar speed gun, a device used to measure the speed of moving
objects. The radar speed gun is mostly utilized in law enforcement to
measure the speed of moving vehicles. It is also often used in professional
sport for measuring bowling speeds in cricket, speed of pitched baseballs,
and speed of tennis serves. The company has seen a clear trend in the
competition’s exportation of similar goods around the world. As the
international logistics manager for this company, you have been asked by the
chief executive officer (CEO) to help identify a foreign country where
High-Tech Tools Inc.’s export sales of radar speed guns may become
Write a proposal to High-Tech Tools, Inc.’s executive team. The proposal will advise the CEO of a potential export country based on the concepts learned and research conducted in the first two weeks of the class. Your proposal should start with a one-page executive summary (see the Writing Center’s Writing an Executive Summary (Links to an external site.)) that provides a concise overview of the key points of your paper. The main points of your paper must address the following:
Present an executive summary that identifies a new export country.
Describe the benefits of exporting hi-tech equipment to the chosen country from the perspective of international trade theories and economic agreements.
Explain any advantages or deficiencies in a transportation, communication, or utilities infrastructure in the selected country that may affect international logistics operations.
Conclude your proposal with an informed decision regarding exporting to the chosen country based on your presented data.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of exporting as one of the entry modes into a foreign market and, thus, designing a successful global supply chain management strategy that executes the exporting plan. Critical thinking is required in order to differentiate between the benefits and challenges of exporting.
Submit your three- to four-page paper (not including the title and references pages) written according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as shown in the approved style guide. Contextual (level one) headings must be used to organize your paper and your thoughts. The CEO has also asked you to include two scholarly and credible sources, in addition to the textbook, to support your ideas.

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