Who Kidnapped the Sabine Women?

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As part of the course, you are required to do an Essay of 700 to 1000 words formatted in MLA writing Style (Below I attached a sample paper for MLA formatting).
You are required to pick a Mystery based on the first letter or your last name. Read each mystery topic and you will see the letters that correspond to each topic. This is an individual task, not a group task.
Who Kidnapped the Sabine Women?
What will you research for?
Research the story behind the mystery (mythological or religious).
Research for two (2) artworks that represent the theme (mystery).
Search for the authors of these two artworks (painter, sculptor) that you picked.
After selecting your artists and the artworks: research the author’s life, the epoch in which the author lived, and the artistic movement or style (Medieval Art, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, etc) to which the author belongs.
Start your paper with an Introduction that makes reference to the story represented in the artwork.
Insert the pictures in your paper. If you need help, check this videoLinks to an external site..
Identify where are these two artworks now located and provide brief information about the location.
Do a formal visual analysis of the artworks you selected. (Check the tutorial videos from the first week of class for reference) I am also including the tutorials below.
Explain the relevance of these artworks in their time and provide your conclusions as to the validity of these artworks in current times.
Cite your sources at the end of your essay under Work Cited. (Check the guide for citing sources attached)

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