Cultural relativism and divine command theory

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Write an essay that addresses the questions in option 1. Your paper should have an introduction, conclusion, and a clear thesis statement. All paraphrased passages and quoted material may be cited using the following format: (author, page number) or (PPT Presentation Name, slide number). You may also cite using any other consistent format that includes page numbers. No research outside of the assigned articles/course material is required or recommended (essays that primarily respond to outside sources, rather than course material, will be considered off-topic).
Option 1: Cultural relativism and divine command theory offer competing accounts of the ‘source of normativity’ (i.e. explanations of how obligations, permissions, and prohibitions are generated). Define each theory precisely by showing how it gives an account of the relationship between morality and culture/a divine entity. Explain a significant challenge that faces each theory. Are there objections to one theory that might apply to the other? Conclude by assessing the objections to these theories. Can they be overcome, or are the problems decisive? For example, your answer might consider whether Rachels has overstated the difficulties with cultural relativism or whether there is some third option not considered in the Euthyphro dilemma.

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