Dialogue: God is the only cause of motion

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Dialogue Topic: God is the only cause of motion.
1. Students should consult primary sources (those written by the original historical figures looked at in the course—e.g., Descartes, Spinoza, etc.,) and secondary sources (contemporary commentators). Good dialogues will often consult 3-4 credible, relevant, and significant sources. Do not list sources in your bibliography that you do not use or cite in the body of your dialogue.
2. The dialogue must come to a conclusion about the topic—it should offer a reasonable justification in support of the thesis.
3. The dialogue should be well-written, checked for spelling and grammar and must exhibit a high standard of referencing that is used consistently (e.g. APA). Include page numbers for any attributions of ideas and/or quotes.

4. Students must comply with academic misconduct and integrity policies. It is mandatory for all students to complete two academic and misconduct integrity modules to receive a grade in courses (including PHIL2013) in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry. If you have not completed these modules, please do so through Academic Integrity Modules (AIM).
5. See the Philosophy Criteria Rubric attached under ‘Course Files’ for more information about the grading criteria and standards.
I will provide addition information together with the Essay instructions task sheet

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