Write a paper that compares three different countries across three different dimensions

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I’m going to need a draft for the teacher to look at and a final draft to submit, please.
Research paper, three country comparison,
Write a 5-8 page paper that compares three different countries across three different dimensions. Just as the book looks at each country in a couple of different ways, by focusing on the government, the people, culture, and history (to name a few), you must compare all three countries in at least three different categories. Focus on that “three x three rule”: three countries, three different focuses, and structure your paper accordingly. All the while in analyzing each country, think about strengths and weaknesses for each country in each category. In conclusion, be sure to offer your opinions on which country you think is the “best” and “worst” in the various categories. What is your definition of the best or worst, and why does each country fall into that category?
The textbook should serve as the foundation of the information you need to successfully write this paper, but you will also need to bring in AT LEAST three additional sources, which should be thorough news articles on the countries. You are free to use countries that are discussed in the textbook and outside citations will help you bring in more recent comments on the countries.
Follow a proper paper format, like APA, Chicago, or Turabian, particularly with regards to citations, and make sure all pages have a one-inch margin with size 11-12 font, Times New Roman. Grammar is VERY important, so spell check and proofread carefully. Do NOT plagiarize: all quotes and ideas must be properly cited and referenced.
please do your best and avoid plagrisim at all costs.

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