Interpersonal Psychotherapy: An Introduction

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Discussion: Interpersonal Psychotherapy: An Introduction
Many individuals who seek therapy have suffered significant psychological wounds. From a psychodynamic/relational standpoint, it is believed that often, these wounds occurred during their developmental milestone experiences, and more often than not manifested in relationships that typically lacked safe protection, boundaries, and stability. In many of these circumstances, as individuals attempt to individuate, separate, and develop a sense of autonomy throughout their development, they are often countered with threats of rejection, abandonment or guilt for attempting to separate. Because of these experiences, many individuals are then left to manage life’s challenges and their own unmet needs with a range of maladaptive behaviors and rigidity. Often this behavior continues to result in unsuccessful relationships with others in every aspect of their lives.

Various treatment approaches address maladaptive behavior in differing ways, such as cognitive behavioral, family systems, solution-based treatment, and so on. However, Interpersonal Psychotherapy suggests that by focusing on patterns of behavior and interactions, cognitions, and family systems and dynamics, and utilizing the interpersonal relationship between therapist and client to acknowledge recurrent maladaptive themes, a successful outcome of achieving change can take place.

For this Discussion, you will view a video of Dr. Edward Teyber and Dr. Faith McClure as they discuss the therapist-client relationship as the primary component of the treatment process. You will also review other resources related to other types of relational therapies. As you review these resources, look further to examine the foundational components of Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and how it is different from other relational therapies, and therapeutic orientations or approaches.

To prepare for this Discussion:
• Review this week’s Learning Resources as well as the Teyber and McClure media program and consider the foundational components of Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and how this approach is different from other therapeutic approaches with relational therapy backgrounds and overlapping themes. Note: View the Teyber and McClure media program beginning at 6 minutes and ending at 45 minutes.

By Day 4 (Please write a respond)
Based on your review of the Learning Resources, post your explanation of how the histories of relational therapy approaches are connected to the origin of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy process, and how it is different in theory and practice from other relational theories. Use your Learning Resources to support your post. Please remember to use proper APA format and citations.

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