STRESS MANAGEMENT PLAN – Stress & Lifestyle (Psychology)

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Hello! I need a paper of 4 pages double spaced + title page and reference page in APA format.
DEVELOP A STRESS MANAGEMENT PLAN – for myself and for a friend/family (my mother)
Topic is Stress & Lifestyle (Psychology)
Please watch the instructional video (ATTACHED) and respond to the questions.
Also, please use concepts from chapter 2 of Textbook (ATTACHED).
Notes from video:
Introduce concepts of stressors and lifestyle (from textbook)
Introduce myself and my mother
Identify current stressors & lifestyle (acute vs. chronic)
Discuss at least 3 lifestyle moditication techniques to deal with stressors (OF SELF AND MOTHER)
Discuss positive psychology & support recommended changes
I want to focus on being a full time student and working full time the stressors and concepts around that
I’m the oldest sibling of 3 (22 years old) and my parents are divorced etc.
For the second subject, I’d like to focus on my mother and her challenges of being an immigrant and providing for 3 children in a non native country

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