Treatment Issue and Population

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Rubric- Paper Must Be 5 to 7 pages Treatment Issue and Population: Identify a treatment issue (substance abuse, eating disorders, etc.) and population (children, adolescents, etc.) that you would be interested in working with as a group counselor. Located an agency or organization that you would consider working with as a way to deliver the group. Participants: Provided a clear overview of the clients targeted for the group. This included a description of the constellation of (a) symptoms, (b) barriers to treatment, and the (c) strengths/resiliencies of the population. Theory-Specific Treatment Goal: Developed a 6 to 10 session curriculum for the group. This involved aligning theory-specific techniques (empty chair, miracle question, thought record, etc.) with the theory-specific treatment goal Recruitment: Clearly discussed strategies for recruiting group members in a way that (a) considered barriers to engagement, (b) identified candidates that were a good fit for the group, and (c) screened out inappropriate people. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: integrated peer-reviewed journal articles (3 Minimum). These journal articles were (a) cited in the paper and (b) included in the reference section. APA Guildlines Powerpoint presentation: Prepared a 5 to 7-minute presentation for the class that clearly described (a) the clients who have been targeted for the group, (b) the goal of the group, and (c) an outline of the curriculum.

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