Integrative writing skills in scientific writing

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The purpose of this exercise is to practice integrative writing skills in scientific writing.
For this assignment you will submit:
Two individual PDFs of two additional articles among the five you have selected for the final project. Using both articles, write a paragraph of 100 – 150 words in APA style.
Prior to writing the paragraph, ask the following questions:
1) What did you learn in each article about your research question that is new (by new I mean information that are described in articles 2 and 3 about your research question that was not described in the previous article (article 1) you read, summarized and, submitted)?
2) How do these articles (articles 2 and 3) contribute to your understanding of the research question you plan to examine?
Include the following in the paragraph of 100 – 150 words:
1) Include an introductory statement that summarizes what is known about your research question: This statement can begin: “Research shows acculturation is related to or differences in acculturation occur based on ………………. (5 points)
2) Identifying specific information that you obtained from each article (that is the two articles uploaded for this assignment) that informs your understanding of the question. This statement can begin: “ Specifically, Jones et al found that …………………. Also, Smith and colleagues (2020) reported that …………………. (5 points)
3) Conclude the paragraph with an integrative set of statement (2-3 sentences) that highlight what is known about your topic based on all three articles (article 1 submitted with writing assignment 1, articles 2 and 3 being submitted with writing assignment 2. (10 points).
4) Use in-text citations in accordance with APA format 7th edition to refer to the articles. (5 points)

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