Stage of African American Cinematic Development

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Write a three-to-five paged, double-spaced essay (The Works Cited Page is not included in the page count; in other words, the actual essay must be at least three complete pages long.). You are expected to use MLA formatting, MLA in-text citation, and include a MLA works cited page. Don’t forget to include a creative title.
Be sure to do the following: 1) clearly state your thesis statement; 2) organize and develop your explanation effectively; 3) choose your words carefully; 4) use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure; 5) use at least three direct quotes from at least three of the primary sources (i.e. the films) and at least one direct quote from the textbook; and 6) use at least one direct quote from a secondary source that you have selected and researched. (i.e. peer-reviewed journal article, newspaper article, or magazine article/ NO Wikipedia, please.) (Quotes should not be longer than four sentences.).
Prompt: During this stage of African American Cinematic Development, which includes the World War II and early Civil Rights Movement years, we see the portrayals of African Americans beginning to change in “mainstream” American cinema, even the rise of some African American Film Stars. Write an essay that explains why and how this change begins and how African American identity further develops in society at large.
Films: “Pinky” “Stormy Weather” “Carmen Jones” and “The Defiant Ones”

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