Technology Free Assignment

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Technology Free Assignment
This exercise allows you to engage in a social activity while refraining from interacting/engaging with your cell phone. Students will complete a two page reflection that includes observations, insights, and connection to course content.
Students are to select a time where engaging with another person, or more than one person, is part of a social experience. This can including being together indoor or outdoor, going out to eat, a recreational activity, with a focus on conversation. In this activity, you will not be able to use your phone for the duration of the activity, and should even keep it out of sight. This includes looking at it, checking it, holding it.
Please plan for 45 – 60 minutes where you will socially engage without using your cell phone. A mindful approach will be utilized to gain awareness on how phone use impacts our attention and daily functioning.
This exercise allows you to spend approximately 1 hour without technoference. A focus on a meaningful conversation, with attention to interpersonal communication and competence will be utilized to gain awareness on the influence of technology use while in the presence of others.
Identify a person or group that you plan to socialize with. If you would like, you can inform them you are completing an assignment that tasks you from engaging with your phone while socializing. That is up to you.
Plan for 45-60 minutes in which you will not hold, look at, check, or be on your phone. Ensure you are planning a time when you are not expecting any urgent calls.
After you complete this exercise, you will write a minimum of a two-page [double spaced] reflection on this activity. Standard margins and font.
How was this experience for you?
Include gained insights, reflections.
Make connections to course content.

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