Critical Reflection on Social Location/Positionality

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Critical Reflection on Social Location/Positionality The intention for this assignment, is for students to reflect on their own social location in relation to their course learnings from the first five weeks ( Chapters: Sociological Research; Family; Religion; Education) of the course. How has the course material so far impacted your views? How have your views, beliefs and attitudes changed in response to the course material in these very early weeks? Perhaps you feel that your views have not changed—how has the course material helped to solidify this for you? This is an opportunity to map and document your early learning, drawing on your course textbook for support. The Critical Reflection should be no more than 800-words. Make sure you are using appropriate referencing; you are expected to reference either the Steckley (2020) book or the Little (2016) open access book, with in-text citations following APA guidelines. Book:

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