Discussion of Personality and Stress

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Discussion of Personality and Stress
his module covers two chapters, so be sure to split your discussion posts between them.
You must submit your own question for discussion no later than Wednesday, the third day after the module opens.
In this module there is a single discussion which covers two topics, personality & Stress. Please be sure to post on BOTH topics. Try for three times on each topic.
You must post 3 times in each MODULE or your grade for the discussion portion of the module will be lowered or set at failing. The rules are posted in the introductory folders.
A discussion post should:
be several paragraphs long
contain Facts, Examples and Cites (“FEC”) to advance the discussion, not mere opinons (keep them til the end of the post if you must add yours)
be self-contained and make sense by itself; no copying of prior posts, always clearly reference the topic under discussion
always cite any source you use (just mention the text, no special form required because you all read it)
always use quotation marks if you took material directly from another source (indent formatting may be lost in cutting & pasting)
be written primarily in your own words; summarize, don’t make half the post a direct quotation from a source
address ideas, not classmates
stay cool and academic, no personal attacks or vendettas; don’t even say “I agree with Joanie” because there will come a time you willl disagree
be preceded by a complete subject line sentence, which should be written after you compose the post, and which tells what the post is about (no Roman outline or newspaper headers, no clever titles)
contain college English, i.e., every sentence should begin with a capital letter, end with a period (keep it declarative) and make sense on its own.If you see ‘SLS’ you did not write a complete sentence in the subject line area. That’s the little box on top of the body of your discussion post.
If you see ‘RE’ you forgot to write a complete sentence in the subject line area of your post. Blackboard offers to head your post with a ‘re’ and the title of the discussion post you are responding to. No good; you must write your own SLS for every discussion post you submit.
If you see ‘thin’, you did not include enough content in the body of your post. Write 3 – 4 paragraphs and show that you are presenting new FEC from the source you are using

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