First of all, watch my video tips: This mapping pro

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First of all, watch my video tips:
This mapping project is about giving maps. The goal is to use your GIS knowledge and skills for humanitarian project support. Maps are a part of our daily life, and this project is an excellent case of a course summary project that ties what you learned so far with our community needs
Visit Explore “WHY YOU SHOULD MAP” and “LEARN TO MAP.” Finally, contribute your mapping skills to MapGive by following “START MAPPING.”
Write a report that describes what you contributed to the MapGive. In your report, include screen capture images that show the features that you mapped/digitized. The images should clearly show the features with their background image so that I may assess the accuracy of your digitizing.
Your report must include the following:
The purpose of your mapping.
The number of objects that you mapped.
How you maintained the quality of your map by controlling potential errors. This is, what they say, the QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control) procedure.
Screen-captured images that allow me to assess the accuracy of your work.
Overall impression of your MapGive activity.
Submit the report in the Word or PDF format.
Number of objects The number of mapped objects 15

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