Obesity as a personal problem and a social problem

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Now that you have reviewed all of the material over these last 8 weeks and finished the course, please consider the following. During Module 1, we discussed obesity as a personal problem and a social problem. Since then, you have explored many of the factors that have led to this epidemic on both the individual and social level. You have also had the opportunity to keep a Food Journal throughout the course to analyze your own eating habits. Based on the information you have learned in the course and after examining the data in your Food Journal, please respond to the following questions.
Do you agree or disagree with your initial thoughts on obesity as a personal problem and a social problem? What did you learn that influenced your perspective?
When looking back on your Food Journal, what did you learn in the course that will most affect your eating habits?
Your essay will be evaluated in terms of how thoroughly you: answer the questions above; use resources to document your main points; and properly cite referenced work. Your essay should address all of the questions above and should consist of at least 250 words of text (at least 1 page of double-spaced and 12 point font of text). Be sure to include specific examples and references from this module’s readings and any additional references you would like to include. Use in-text citations and a reference list that will make up an additional page.

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