Social media and Depression in our Society

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now i need a data and a method section on that research topic: social media and Depression in our Society and question: Does extended and long-term use of social media predisposed individuals to
depression and anxiety.
submit a draft of the data and methods section of your capstone research proposal. This section is the most important section in your final proposal.
This section should include the following:
Overall description of the research design.
Theoretical and operational definitions of all concepts (description of the variables).
Specification of the unit of analysis and description of sampling design.
Type of analysis.
First, you should provide an overview of the major methodological choices you have made. Indicate your general approach—experiment, survey, use of existing data, or some combination of approaches—and the specific design and data-collection method you will use. If you propose a survey, for example, indicate the mode of data collection—face-to-face or telephone interview or mailed questionnaire—that you intend to use.
After you have outlined the basic design, you should include a formal statement of the specific hypotheses to be investigated. You must address the key issues of measurement and sampling. Here is where you clearly identify your independent and dependent variables. Also, be sure to identify relevant extraneous variables that you plan to measure and/or control, and explain their relevance. You need to specify how you will measure each variable, including your control variables.
If you are going to conduct a survey, measurement will involve the construction of specific questions or a series of questions representing each variable. You also need to identify your target population, the sampling design you will use, and the number of cases you will select. Throughout this section it is very important to justify every methodological choice. If you choose existing measures, for example, be sure to provide evidence of reliability and validity. And be sure to justify your sampling design in terms of cost and accuracy.
If you are collecting your own data, you will need to address the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process in this section. In addition, you will need to provide a draft of your survey or questionnaires and informed consent as an appendix at the end of your proposal. If you decide to use secondary data analysis such as General Social Survey (GSS) or American Community Survey (ACS), please identify which data you are planning to use, provide a description on these data, and why you decided to use these data.
In the last subsection, type of analysis, describe which descriptive statistics that you propose to use (mean & standard deviation, frequency distributions, and/or crosstabular analysis) as well as the bivariate (correlation, t-tests and/or chi-square tests) and multivariate analyses (regression analysis).
please again no plagiarized and no outside sources, again no plagiarized an no outside sources. because the teacher is really serious about plagiarized. i want zero percent of plagiarism on my work. don’t involve any plagiarized at all.

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