Artifact Preparation Outline

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Artifact Preparation Outline Instructions
Read the instructions below to help create your artifact outline.
For this module you have been tasked with creating a preparation outline. The objective of the Artifact Speech outline is to select an aspect of your personal life that you would like to share. You want to choose a tangible item for this speech that serves as an representation of yourself for your audience. You want your outline to be able to show what item you selected, but more importantly, why this item represents you. Keep in mind that the information you will be sharing should be sufficient enough, that it will help people remember who you are. You may use this fillable form to help construct your preparation outline. An example of an artifact speech and outlines have been provided here.
Your speech should include the following information:
An attention grabbing introduction which can include not limited to: References to the audience, quotations, references to current events, historical references, anecdotes, startling statements, questions, humor, personal references, and references to the occasion. Your speech should not begin with, “Hello, my name is…”.
Your name stated once as part of introduction – please also include an audience engaging hook before you introduce yourself.
Artifact is a metaphor for the speaker. Show how this object represents your unique, personal characteristics. Your audience should be reminded of you when when they see your artifact.
Familiarize your peers with the artifact and its significance. Tell your audience why you selected your item and why it is important to you.
Your Specific Purpose or Thesis Statement is one of the most important components of your speech. It takes some time and revising to craft a strong statement. The thesis is the point of your speech. The preview lists the main points you will use to support that thesis.
A good speech begins with a clear idea (Specific Purpose Thesis) and a clear organization. First, you develop your main idea and then organize your speech to present and support it! Your thesis goes at the end of your introduction, followed by your preview of points. They should be two separate statements.
Introduction and conclusion should be written word-for-word and memorized for delivery. Your goal is to create a speech that should last 3 minutes. You may use this guide to help you time your speech.
Body should follow proper bulleted format.
Main Points, Sub Points, and Transition Statements should be no more than one concise statement each.
Additionally, you should be focused on:
Building a speaking strategy from lectures, chapters, and CommLabASU feedback
Planning nonverbal behaviors that support verbal messages
Using metaphors and characteristics of the object, explaining why this item represents you.
Organizing and creating a properly formatted outline
A sense of time awareness for delivery

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