Travel Administration (Single Trip Itinerary)

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Travel Administration (Single Trip Itinerary)
Instructions: For this assignment, within a single MS Word document, create: 1. a single trip itinerary (doubled spaced text) for a fictitious athletic team and 2. Explain why an athletic program (i.e., team) should make a comprehensive travel itinerary.
Reviewing the “Supporting Materials” (i.e., attached pdf files to this assignment’s instructions – see below) as well as the following articles (select web links below) can be beneficial when completing this week’s assignment:
Amaro, S. (2014, November 7). Planning for overnight contests. National Federation of State High School Associations.
Wertz Jr., L. (2017). Parents are spending thousands on travel youth sports, and a billion dollar business has emerged.
Part I: In detail identify all travel categories associated with your team’s Travel Itinerary (see below).
Trip Date(s):Identify specific dates for travel
Trip Location(s):Present place of each athletic event
Competition Times and Locations: Include relevant date/time for athletic event as well as physical address for athletic event’s facility.
Practice Times and Locations: Include relevant date/time for athletic practice(s) as well as physical address for athletic practice’s facility.
Departure Times: Identify relevant departure times (e.g., leaving hotel to athletic facility) occurring during travel (i.e., trip).
Arrival Times: present pertinent arrival times (e.g., arrive at hotel) occurring throughout travel.
Flight Information (if applicable): Identify exact flight information (e.g., airline’s name, flight number, scheduled flight departure time, as well as projected arrival time at destination.
Accommodations: Include hotel’s name, address, phone number, and contact name for hotel (e.g., manager). Include a hypothetical confirmation number for lodging within travel itinerary.
Bus Line (if applicable): Provide bus company’s name, phone number, and contact name for bus company (e.g., supervisor).
Miscellaneous Information: (e.g., include a travel roster, contact information for coaching staff or team’s director of operations).
Be sure to include all category requirements for a Travel Itinerary. A student can be creative regarding the team, location of the trip, mode(s) of transportation, and times associated with the team’s travel. The trip will be scheduled for three days (i.e., Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Provide a daily itinerary. Present each day’s scheduled activities separately (i.e., daily format). Each student will select the type of team, destination, and number of people traveling on this trip. Provide specific information concerning travel arrangements, lodging, meals, and any additional pertinent information. (e.g., roster of individuals traveling). The Travel Itinerary must be specific, realistic, and accurate.
Part II: Within the same MS Word document, provide a 1-2 page (double spaced text) explanation indicating why an athletic program (i.e., team) should make a comprehensive travel itinerary.
Please submit a single MS Word document (for Travel Itinerary and Explanation) as an attachment. Identify this single MS Word (doc., docx.) document’s title as “Your Last Name Week 4 Assignment.” For example, the MS Word document would be titled: Johnson Week 4 Assignment. Avoid typing your entire assignment in the text box provided within each assignment.
Please include an American Psychological Association (APA) Formatted Title and Reference Page with your MS Word document submission. Cite information from at least two (2) literary sources (e.g., academic journal publications, travel agencies’ web sites). — Suggestion – You can use the APUS Library (see “APUS Library” on SPMT416 home page) in order to locate these publications. “SPORTDiscus with Full Text” can be a useful database when completing your literature search.
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